We’ve Been Matched!

Posted: March 22, 2017 by Karl Dinkler

In March of 2017, we received a phone call from America World letting us know they had a file for a beautiful little girl who is almost 2 years old.

Her story is a pretty spectacular one. But more on that later. At birth, she was medically fragile due to a condition that affected her ability to feed.

At her weakest state, God brought a very special doctor named Jacob into her life. During the file review, we were able to connect with Dr. Jacob. He graciously talked to us for hours one evening about the adoption process, the details of her medical needs, and how to expect the unexpected. We are so thankful for his phone call.

He couldn’t speak more highly of the nannies and orphanage director caring for Violet, but they just didn’t have the resources that she needed at that time to thrive. He and others on the medical team advocated on her behalf to move her into a Love Without Boundaries healing home. It was at this healing home where she received the name “Violet”. As Dr. Jacob put it, upon her transfer to the Love Without Boundaries healing home, Violet began to blossom and thrive. Thus, one of the reasons we are keeping her beautiful name.

Throughout this process, we have been challenged – and encouraged – by a quote from Priscilla Shirer:

Simply put, faith is acting like God is telling the truth.  The key thought here is action.
By definition, faith is not talking about or thinking about or even celebrating God’s truth.  It is the process of adapting your behavior, your decisions, and ultimately, your whole lifestyle so that it accords with what God has asked you to do – without needing to see the evidence that it will all work out in the end.

And throughout the process of reviewing her file, we’ve been humbled that we were chosen to be her parents. This little fighter. This beautiful little girl.

We’ll share more on her story soon!

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